Draw No Bet Means

draw no bet means

Understanding draw no bet means

Draw no bet means (DNB) is a popular betting market that eliminates the possibility of a draw in three-way markets, allowing bettors to wager on either a home or away win. This article delves into the intricacies of Draw No Bet betting, providing examples and guidance on calculating Draw No Bet odds from 1X2 markets.

Increasingly favored by astute bettors and cautious traders, Draw No Bet offers a low-margin, two-way betting option. Despite the draw being often underestimated, statistical analysis reveals that approximately 25% of Premier League games end in a draw over a five-season period (2012/13-2016/17).

serves as a means for traders to mitigate the risk of losing bets and can be utilized in various scenarios:

Backing an underdog with the security of the draw.
Safeguarding your stake when a draw is foreseeable.
Trading a strong favorite in-play, particularly when trailing.
In essence, removes the draw outcome from a bet, allowing bettors to focus on predicting either a home or away win. If the selected team wins, the bettor profits; if the match ends in a draw, the stake is returned, resulting in neither a win nor a loss. Conversely, if the backed team loses, the bet is lost.

Comparatively, betting on the three-way market entails losing the bet if the match ends in a draw. Due to the removal of the draw option, odds for markets are typically lower than those for the three-way market.

Draw No Bet markets are readily available through bookmakers and betting exchanges. Alternatively, bettors can calculate their own Draw No Bet odds using 1X2 odds if specific markets are unavailable.

Placing a bet on a market is straightforward. For instance, considering a match between Liverpool and Hoffenheim in a Champions League qualifier, where Liverpool holds a 2-1 aggregate lead and the first game was closely contested. The Draw No Bet odds for Liverpool are displayed as follows:

Liverpool win: 1.28
Hoffenheim win: 4.3
If a £200 bet is placed on Liverpool in the Draw No Bet market at odds of 1.28, the potential profit would be:

Liverpool win+ £56
Draw£0 (£200 stake returned)
Hoffenheim win– £200

How to calculate your own odds for Draw No Bet in the 1X2 marketplace

You can calculate the true odds for the Draw No Bet by combining the odds posted on the 1X2 market. This works by spreading your stake over either a home win and draw or away win and draw so that if the game ends in a draw, your stake will be returned.

You can calculate your own bet odds from the 1X2 market by following two simple stages:

  • Converting 1X2 odds into odds
  • Calculating your own stakes

As an example, let’s utilize the previous match between Liverpool and Hoffenheim. You wish to wager £200 on Liverpool. The 1X2 odds are displayed below:

  • Liverpool win: 1.68
  • Draw: 4.4
  • Hoffenheim win: 5.6

1X2 odds conversion to Draw No Bet odds

Firstly you need to convert the 1X2 odds to bet odds.The following formula illustrates how, for both home and away teams:

  • 1 – (1/1X2 draw odds)) * 1X2 home odds is the home draw no bet odds.
  • 1X2 away odds * (1-(1/1X2 draw odds)) = Away Draw No Bet odds
  • For our example we need to calculate the home team Liverpool’s Draw No Bet odds:
  • Liverpool Draw No Bet odds = (1- (1 / 4.4)) * 1.68 = 1.30

How to Formulate Your Own Bet Odds from the 1X2 Market

Crafting your Draw No Bet (DNB) odds from the 1X2 market involves a straightforward process of merging the odds provided in the 1X2 market. This technique ensures that your stake is spread across a home win and draw or an away win and draw, safeguarding your investment in the event of a draw.

To compute your personalized odds from the 1X2 market, adhere to these two straightforward steps:

  • Converting 1X2 Odds into Odds
    Calculating Your Stakes
    Let’s illustrate this process using the Liverpool versus Hoffenheim match as an example, where you intend to wager £200 on Liverpool. The 1X2 odds are outlined below:
  • Liverpool win: 1.68
    Draw: 4.4
    Hoffenheim win: 5.6
    Converting 1X2 Odds into Odds

Initially, you must convert the 1X2 odds into bet odds. The formula provided below demonstrates how to accomplish this for both home and away teams:

  • Investing in the draw entails dividing the total stake by the draw odds.
  • In our scenario: the draw stake equals (200/4.4) = £45.45

The calculation for either a home or away win is as follows:

  • The stake for a home win is calculated by subtracting the draw stake from the total stake, resulting in the home stake.
  • For instance: Liverpool’s stake is determined as (200 – 45.45) = £154.55

Now, proceed to place a £154.55 wager on Liverpool and a £45.45 wager on the draw.

Please note: When calculating your own odds on a betting exchange, remember to incorporate the commission into the odds during the staking process by adjusting the odds offered.

Calculating profit

Below are the formulas that demonstrate how to compute your payout for your personalized market.

  • (home odds – 1) – draw stake = (home stake * (home win))

(154.55 * (1.68-1) – 45.45) = 59.64 is an example.

Draw win = (draw stake * (draw odds -1) – home stake)

Example: (45.45 * (4.4 -1) – 154.55 = -0.02)

draw no bet means

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